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Bhopal Smart Road


Summary of Smart Road Project with Silent Features

The Project of Smart Road Initiated by BSCDCL Keeping in mind to served the peoples for road connectivity along with smart features like wise smart poles to serve internet facilities and lighting with CCTV vigilance, weather reporting and pollution level detector. These poles have been installed 5 in Nos. At equidistance starting from Bharat Mata square (Ch.0+000) to ploy technique square (Ch.2+200).


  • This Smart Road will serve as cycle track keep in mind to used non motorized vehicle uses having width of Cycle track 2.5m on both side of carriage way.
  • One of the most important features of smart road is underground electrification for LT lines inside duct having 1.2m depth and 1m width over both sides of main carriage way throughout the length of road.
  • To separate the main carriage way from cycle track we have been provided a 1m width green verge, which will act like a beautiful separation.
  • There are 2 lanes separate 8.5m main carriage way with DBM BC crust having camber of 2.5% which will serve as smooth surface run off of rain water from road surface. This crust has been designed for the speed of 80 KMPH.
  • There is also a provision for smart lighting at interval of 30m to make good visibility during night.
  • The lane separator has been design at different levels to cater the FRL of road connectivity for the offices and buildings situated along road side.
  • There is also a footpath provision for pedestrians walk way having 2.0m effective width on both sides throughout the length of road.
  • There is also provision of Service duct in Median to rectify the problems if comes in Electrical Lines which are crossing our ROW.