Smart Public Bike Sharing


With the departure of summer, some new projects have been introduced in Bhopal that would give a new look to the lifestyle of the people. Public Bike Sharing (PBS) being one of them has provided an ease in mobility to the people.      

Bhopal by offering a smart bike sharing system at low-cost has increased the convenience and mobility option for the residents. Public Bike sharing being an environmentally friendly option will not only be a step towards eco-friendly city but will also help Bhopal in becoming one of the leading global cities with cutting edge PBS technology.  

PBS would allow people to rent a bicycle which can be used to travel in the city allowing the people to gaze at every single pleasing spot that Bhopal is famous for. These bikes will be available at their stations and will be peddled at their respective tracks.  

Although it’s a hybrid system with automated stations supported by manual attendants, the technology has been chosen in such a manner that we can restrict the deployment of staff to stations where they deem feasible and required.

In general Bike sharing system has been introduced to increase mobility choices, improve air quality and reduce congestion. 

1.  System overview

  • PBS Project is a combination of Design, Installation, Operation, and Maintenance which is step towards the procurement of smart city.
  • Introduction of 500 smart bikes with board computer and integrated electric locks.
  • 50 analogue signposts with SNAP Locator/rooter and instructions how to use the system.
  • 1000 analogue docks (dock-to-bike ratio 2: 1) with matching ground plates.
  • 10 registration counters, will be increased according to the requirement.
  • Registration of Users: necessary to gain access to the PBS system.
  • The stations are manned by station attendants; however, the operations of each station are communicated from the Central control system by the station attendants using card verification devices.
  • The central control system collects data from each station for efficient planning and real time monitoring.
  • This data is used to make decisions on redistribution of cycles around stations during the hours of operations.
  • The fare collection of Cycle sharing system is also being integrated with the fare collection of the Bus rapid transport system to aid the multimodal integration.
  • Depots/ Workshops – For Spare cycles, repair, maintenance etc.
  • Fare Collection System.
  • User Information System & Payment System : Website and Mobile Application.
  • Advertisement Space: branding/advertising spaces on the cycles and stations.
  • Advertizing and User Education Panels.
  • Promoting Non-Motorized vehicle.

2.  Bike


  1. LED Front Light (15Lux ) with integrated reflector.
  2. Aluminum Basket with elastic straps and advertisement panel.
  3. Aluminum handle bar with high tone bell, ergonomic grip and gear shift.
  4. Break lever front and back.
  5. Locking pin with a holder at Basket.
  6. Aluminum frame silver grey.
  7. Quick release.
  8. Seat post with anti theft protection.
  9. Water repellant heat resistant seat.
  10. Advertisement panel 0.6 sqm.
  11. Board computer.
  12. LED backlight with stand light function.
  13. Fenders with splash mud guard.
  14. Rear reflector.
  15. Puncture resistant tires with reflective stripes.
  16. 3/7/8 gear hub from Shimano.
  17. Robust side stand
  18. Aluminum pedals with front and side reflectors.
  19. Rust free chain with plastic chain guard.
  20. Hub dynamo to power lights and Board computer.
  21. 26” blade wheel with V profile rim.
  22. Still fork with integrated electronic lock.


3. Booking Media


4. Station Placing



5. Fare structure